Café de l'île

Our team welcomes you every day to offer you a menu filled with local and seasonal flavors, with vegetarian specialties!



9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Local • Eco-responsible • Gourmet

Diversified menu

To be enjoyed on the spot or while hiking: snacks, meals, hot and cold drinks for all tastes! Animal protein options from local animal welfare conscious producers are also available.


Stop by our ecological boutique where you will find Quebec products that are original and respectful of the environment! Scalable and changing with the seasons, our boutique will invigorate the foodie and adventurer in you, guide your sustainable practices and deepen your Quebec culture. All the products available are the fruit of wonderful local collaborations that are worth looking into. Let yourself be charmed!

Hot chocolates

The legendary luxury hot chocolates are available all year round at Café de l’île!

  • Grand Pic ― brown chocolate & cayenne
  • Petit Duc ― brown chocolate & cocoa
  • Sittelle — white chocolate & marshmallow
  • Cardinal ― white chocolate & beetroot
  • Colvert ― white chocolate & matcha

To be enjoyed on site or while hiking!

Certifications 2023

Our local suppliers

Ergot 2.0
Hopped Lager
100% Quebec

A beer brewed by Champ Libre for the environment.

Illustration : Hubert Rondeau-L’Écuyer

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