Corridor vert Châteauguay-Léry

A natural and ecologically invaluable corridor linking Île Saint-Bernard to the Fernand-Seguin ecology centre, the “green corridor” is located within the municipalities of Châteauguay and Léry. Covering a total area of approximately 1000 hectares, this succession of valuable ecosystems is unfortunately still not fully protected. Yet the green corridor is known for the diversity of its habitats and wide variety of animal and plant species that call the area home. This land is one of the key components of Greater Montréal’s green belt.

For Héritage Saint-Bernard, it is paramount to preserve the entire Châteauguay-Léry green corridor and prevent the land from being fragmented. Action is progressively being taken to increase the number of protected hectares in the hope of reaching this great dream of a fully protected area.

We believe that in a context where natural sites are increasingly scarce, any land-use planning at a metropolitan scale, should set aside a significant place for natural spaces at all times. These spaces act as the lungs of cities and regions. Destroying a natural area to make way for a housing development means this area is gone forever and irreparable damage is caused not only to the environment, but also to public health.

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