To get there by car, the driving directions are detailed here: www.ilesaintbernard.com/contact
To get by public transport, you must contact the CITSO at 450-698-3030 or rtm.quebec/fr/planifier-trajet/autobus/CITSO

No, we do not have an online ticket office. Access must be purchased on site, at the Pavillon de l'île. Expect possible line-ups on very busy days. As parking is limited, it is possible that it is full on these days. No parking reservations are possible.

The Marguerite-D’Youville wildlife refuge is open 365 days a year from sunrise to sunset. As for the Pavillon de l'île (Café de l’île), the gateway to the wildlife refuge, it is open from 9 a.m. all year round. Closing time varies depending on the season.

Yes. In order to allow maintenance of the site and its facilities, a fee is required for access to the hiking trails of the wildlife refuge: Wildlife refuge pricing (taxes extra).
Access charges are applicable during opening hours of Café de l’île. Outside of these hours, access is permitted free of charge, from sunrise to sunset.

Parking on Île Saint-Bernard is free.

La Hiking

 andnature observation are the most popular and practiced activities at the wildlife refuge. Picnic areas, docks and other observation stops are available to visitors.

On weekends, the hebertism trail and the pirate ship are also very popular.

In addition, there is a series of activities for young and old nature lovers! Consult the section activities on our web site.

No pets are accepted on the whole of île Saint-Bernard (including parking, trails and the island's "mound").

Bicycles are prohibited on Île Saint-Bernard, including Fatbikes. Cyclists are however always welcome for a stopover or a picnic. Everyone is asked to get off the bike and walk alongside it for better safety on the site.

Yes, it is possible to picnic anywhere on île Saint-Bernard. Many areas and tables provided for this purpose are at your disposal. To complete your lunch, the Café de l'île offers snacks and beverages to take away.

The paths at the refuge faunique Marguerite-D’Youville are flat and easily accessible for hiking. However, the trails are not designed for wheelchairs, nor for umbrella strollers.

It is strictly forbidden to swim from île Saint-Bernard.

Several animals frequent the refuge, in addition to the many birds which attract a large number of bird watchers. The possibility of seeing an animal is fortuitous, but almost guaranteed, which makes each visit to the refuge unique. 

La Winter hiking and snowshoeing are the two winter sports at the wildlife refuge.

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